Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On-Line Stillwater Fly Shop is Now Open

For a number of years now people have always been asking good friend Brian Chan and I about where they can find stillwater specific products.  Well, Brian and I are pleased to announce that our new online Stillwater Fly Shop is now open.

Brian and I invite you to visit Our On Line Stillwater Store for Your Stillwater Fly Fishing Needs

Presently, you can find all of our books, DVD's, Quick Release Indicators, jig hooks for balanced flies along with a complete selection of our favorite Stillwater Solutions patterns.

We will also be adding new products on a regular basis so please check back often.  If you have a specific stillwater product need please let us know.  Chances are others will be interested in it too and we can perhaps add it to our store.

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated so please enjoy.  You can access the store directly through the 'on-line' store link located along the left margin of my website or proceed directly to the store website.

A direct link to the store will soon be available through Brian's website too.

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