Monday, November 4, 2013

Lake Aeration Survey Extended Until November 30, 2013

As most of you who follow my exploits through my blog, Facebook page or Twitter know I believe the Parklands region of SW Manitoba offers some of North America’s finest stillwater trout fishing.  I have been visiting this region for close to 10 years. This is a region best known for its large rainbow, brown and tiger trout.   One of the primary reasons for the quality stillwater fly fishing the Parklands region offers is consistent stillwater environment, due in part to the aeration program currently in place.

One of the reasons I visit the Parklands.

During my spring visit this past season I learned that the Rossburn and District Community Development Corporation commissioned AAE Tech Services Inc. to conduct a survey to investigate the economics of lake aeration.  The survey information will be used to help management make the most informative decision with regards to aerating Tokaryk Lake, Patterson Lake, Arrow Lake and Rossman Lakes within the RM of Rossburn.

The lake aeration program benefits both rainbows and browns

In my opinion, the lake aeration program is critical to the economic health of this region.  Visiting anglers, such as me, patronize local businesses during our stay bringing valuable dollars into the region.  Without the region's outstanding stillwater fly fishing we would most likely visit lakes elsewhere.  I, along with of my spring and fall students who joined me earlier this year for my hosted stillwater seminars all completed this survey.  Upon returning home passed along the survey links and information along to everyone I could think off. 

Quality stillwater trout fishing attracts anglers.

Over this past weekend I learned that the Rossburn Lake Aeration Survey has been extended until November 30th 2013.   If you have visited the Parklands region and you weren’t aware of the survey or perhaps haven’t had the chance to complete it there is still time. It is imperative that as many anglers as possible complete this survey to ensure the aeration program continues. The survey can be found online.

All participants completing the survey will be entered into a random draw for one of three prize packages donated by various sponsors.  The draw will take place November 30th 2013.

Prize 1) Two Night Two Guest Stay Michitoba Enterprises
Prize 2) One Night Stay for Two Guests - Comfy Country B&B - Email
Prize 3) Various Fishing Tackle from The Fishin Hole 

If you can, please take the time to complete this important survey.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conquering Chironomids Volume I

Brian Chan and I are pleased to announce the release of our latest instructional fly fishing DVD “Conquering Chironomids Volume 1”.  Brian and I are fortunate to be recognized as leading educators in the field of fly fishing in stillwaters.  Our latest effort takes advantage of a combined 60 years of experience in fishing lakes and in particular our fascination with mastering chironomid emergences. 

Chironomids or midges are undoubtedly the most prolific and prolonged insect emergence found in productive stillwaters.  Trout, char and other game fish take advantage of this abundant easily captured food source.  Emergences can last from a few months during the spring and early summer period to year- long hatches.  Understanding and mastering this important food source will not only increase the numbers of fish you catch but provide the satisfaction of understanding why you are being so successful.

Volume 1 is focused on fishing with strike indicators, one of the most effective ways to fish chironomid larva and pupa.This DVD is broken down into 12 chapters that cover a wide range of topics including the chironomid life cycle, equipment selection including rods, lines and reels, leaders and their construction, how to use a throat pump, selecting the right strike indicator, casting tips, depth sounders and anchoring,  presentation tactics,  recognizing takes and selecting the right fly.   The special features section of the DVD offers a selection of our favorite larva and pupa patterns with tying recipes. Many of the patterns we feature are currently available through our on line Stillwater Fly Fishing store.  In addition the special features section includes animated graphics detailing our favorite knots including two versions of the non-slip loop knot.

At over 70 minutes in length, Brian and I have packed in a ton of information that will hopefully shorten your learning curve as you conquer chironomids. Once hooked on chironomid fishing it will become an obsession!

Conquering Chironomids Volume 1 is currently available through Brian and Phil's online Stillwater Fly Fishing Store for a price of $19.95.  Dealer inquiries are also welcome.

Please check out the DVD preview on You Tube.

For additional information please contact Phil or Brian via email.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Phil Goes Video!

As you can probably tell by my last post regarding mine and Brian's Chan's new partnership with Montana Fly Company the past few months have been busy to say the least.

In addition to closing our relationship with the Stillwater Solutions program I have been kept in motion by speaking engagements, seminars and schools.  My recent travels have taken me to Bend Oregon, Lynnwood Washington, Pleasanton California, Abottsford B.C. and most recently Phoenix, Arizona for a week long trip with my family. 

In between dates on my busy schedule I have also begun work on the first of a series of instructional fly tying videos on my You Tube channel.  My goal with these videos is to provide a selection of my favorite patterns that feature specific tying techniques along with a little chatter on how I like to fish them.  I have long been a fan of You Tube for my own education and tying.

Many of the patterns I will be featuring will come from what I already have listed in the Fly Tying section of my website.  Many of these patterns can also be purchased through mine and Brian's Stillwater Fly Fishing Store.

So far you can see tying videos for my Bullet Proof Prince, Holo Worm and Strip Tease Damsel.  If you notice down the right margin of my blog page links to these patterns along with Facebook, Twitter and You Tube channel can also be found.

Although the videos will have a definite stillwater slant, I plan on featuring other patterns. Including salt water and rivers and stream patterns.

If you have seen or heard of a pattern of mine that you would like me to feature please send me an email and I will make every effort to add it to my list and then up onto my You Tube Channel.

I hope you enjoy what you see and find the videos helpful to your tying and pattern designs.  I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Phil Rowley and Brian Chan Partner With Montana Fly Company

March 6, 2013:  For Immediate Release

Brian Chan and Phil Rowley are pleased to announce their new partnership with Montana Fly Company (MFC) who will be producing their proprietary fly patterns in the future. This is a great move for the stillwater specialists who are combining their expertise with Adam Trina and the MFC Team. In addition, Phil and Brian will also be working with Montana Fly Company to not only promote Montana’s existing line of fly tying materials, tools and accessories but working in partnership to design additional products as well.

Montana Fly Company has a long standing tradition of quality. Not only unique to their diverse selection of flies but also tying tools, accessories and other fly fishing products.  Brian and Phil are proud to be associated with a company renowned for its reputation and commitment to quality. 
Montana Fly Company will be the exclusive source of Brian and Phil’s stillwater fly designs, tied to their specific quality standards.  Flies you would find within Brian and Phil’s fly boxes. Brian and Phil’s quality patterns will be available through all Montana Fly Company dealers in Canada and the United States in 2013, in addition to Phil and Brian’s on-line Stillwater Fly Fishing Store.

After more than 10 years working with Superfly International, Brian and Phil felt it was time for a change. Their Stillwater Solutions™ program of tying materials, flies, kits and companion recipe book will continue to be offered by Superfly International. Although they will no longer be developing new product for Superfly, Brian and Phil will remain affiliated with Superfly through their Pro Staff Program.

For additional information please visit Brian's website or Phil's website. You can also visit Phil and Brian's online stillwater store,

For additional information on Montana Fly Company please visit their website.

For additional information on Superfly International please visit their website.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Denver, Boise Report

I recently returned from my first speaking engagements of the year at the 2013 Denver Fly Fishing Show and the 2013 Western Idaho Tying Expo hosted by the Boise Valley Fly Fishers.  Both events were well attended.  In between my speaking and demonstrations I had a chance to catch up with a number of friends who I hadn’t seen in a while.

Rio's booth looked sharp featuring their new logos and branding

The Denver show ran from Friday January 4th through Sunday January 6th.  This was my first time at this event and the interest in stillwater fly fishing was both impressive and overwhelming.

One of Rich's Foam Patterns

When I wasn’t giving my Going Deep-Strategies for Sinking Lines presentation or providing a tying demonstration you could find me nestled at a table amongst the fly tyers.  My neighbour was fellow stillwater addict Richard Pilatzke.  Rich spent the weekend demonstrating a number of stillwater patterns including some of his unique foam adult damsel and dragon patterns.  Rich does well with these patterns on his local lakes. For the most part I don’t get the opportunity to fish dry dragons or damsels and his stories piqued my interest.  I hope to spend some time with Rich in the future and hopefully hook a few trout on some of his designs.

A Bowl of Hopper Juans

I also was fortunate to meet Juan Ramirez, known to many through his Hopper Juan blog. Juan is a contract tyer with Montana Fly.  He ties a number of innovative patterns and is particularly known for his foam hopper patterns including his namesake Hopper Juan and Hollywood Hopper.   Juan has an excellent blog complete with a number of instructional tying videos. His blog is one of my favorites.

Juan Ramirez's Hollywood Hopper
I also spent some time with fellow authors Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka.  Rick and Jerry co-authored the bestselling book, Modern Midges.  If you ever wanted inspiration or to find a particular midge or chironomid pattern this is the reference you need.  I feel fortunate that Rick and Jerry included some of my patterns within their book.  Rick told me they are already working on another book project.  I am looking forward to getting my hands on it as soon as it hits the book shelves.

The Western Idaho Tying Expo ran from Friday January 10 through Saturday January 11th.  Over the course of two days over 1600 people dropped by to watch a number of local tyers, watch casting demonstrations and instructional seminars.  Good friends Pete Erickson, Jeff Currier and I provided a number of seminars and casting demonstrations.  Expo hosts, the Boise Valley Fly Fishers, kept us busy over the course of the two day event.

Jeff is a talented artist and fly fisher
One particular highlight of this year’s expo was spending time including a few beers with ‘legendary fly fisher’ Hank Patterson and his trusty side kick Reese.  For those of you who don’t know Hank he provides a satirical look at the world of fly fishing.  Make sure you check out his You Tube segments.  At this year’s expo Hank helped and entertained onlooker with a Casting for Recovery fundraising event at the end of each day.

Reese,myself, Hank Patterson and Pete Erickson
This is my second year speaking at the Western Idaho Tying Expo. I enjoy the atmosphere and enthusiasm of this event.  Hopefully,  if they will have me, I can return next year.

While in Boise, I provided an evening tying demonstration to the ‘Pinocchio Group’, a dedicated collection of fly tyers and fishers.  Pete Erickson provided ‘taxi’ services and we were treated to an enjoyable evening featuring great chili, home brew while I demonstrated some of my favorite stillwater patterns.

Pinocchio Hard at Work
The Pinocchio Group namesake is a metaphor based on the story telling and subsequent fish growth with each passing tale most fly fishers are famous for.  After my presentation Pete and I were initiated into the group as we were provided with our ceremonial Pinocchio noses.  Although easy to put on it was difficult to tie anything close at hand as the nose blocked the view.  Now those who know me might think the nose in this picture was my real nose.  While I don’t have the smallest nose on the planet I can assure you it was a fake.

This Year's Western Idaho Tying Expo Was a Busy Place
I am home for the next few weeks trying to catch up on some winter tying, an annual goal that I typically don’t meet.  Once February hits I am traveling once again with show and speaking commitments in Oregon, Washington and California.  Check my calendar to see if I am stopping by in your neck of the woods. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Show Season Begins

Well the holidays are done and dusted. The 2013 show season begins.

This weekend you can find me at the Denver Fly Fishing Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart.  I will be providing a number of stillwater seminars on Saturday and Sunday along with a tying demo on Saturday afternoon.  When I am not speaking or tying you should be able to find me amongst the tyers tables.  If you plan on attending the show drop by and say hello.  I should also have some of my DVD’s available too.

My next stop finds me at the Western Idaho Tying Expo in Boise, Friday January 11(10am-7pm) and Saturday January 12 (9:00-4pm).  I will be providing seminars and casting presentations during both days of the show.

One of the highlights of the Expo is the fundraising banquet .  This year’s banquet will be held on the evening of Saturday January 12th at the Red Lion Hotel.  The banquet provides a great opportunity for everyone to bid on a variety of items while supporting the Boise Valley Fly Fishers and their conservation efforts.

Stay tuned for a summary of both shows including any new products and gear you should be aware of for the upcoming season.

January is just the beginning of my 2013 show and seminar calendar.   I should have my website updated shortly outlining all of my seminar presentations and shows. So stay tuned.