Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stillwater Selections Now Available!

Happy holidays and best of the season to everyone!  Good news my latest book, Stillwater Selections is now available!  As I have mentioned in previous Blog entries, Stillwater Selections contains 55 new patterns that have not been featured in my previous books. 

Stillwater Selections is presently only available at this time through BC Outdoors Sports Fishing magazine.  To order your copy please contact BCO at 1-800-898-8811, overseas customers can call 604-464-3186 between 8:30-4:30 Pacific Time Monday through Friday.  Copies may also be purchased through BC Outdoors Sports Fishing website or at one of the trade shows BC Outdoors Sport Fishing magazine will be attending in 2010 such as the Fly Fishing Events Show in Calgary and the Fraser Valley Boat and Outdoors Show.   I will be speaking at both of these events so please stop by the BC Outdoors Sport Fishing booth and I will be happy to sign a copy for you!

I have also added step by step tying instructions to my website for the Fly Craft Fullback.  The Fly Craft Fullback is probably my number one searching pattern when visiting a lake for the first time or if there appears to be little in the way of hatch activity to focus the trout's attention.  My favorite size is probably a #8, in olive, peacock or bronze olive Diamond Dub.  This pattern represents many favored stillwater food sources including scuds, damsel nymphs, dragon nymphs, caddis pupa and water beetle larva.  Try using a pearlescent wingcase covered with Tuffleye acrylic to create a 'flash back' version.  This is one of the flies I used as part of the gold medal Stillwater Solutions team at the 2007 Canadian Fly Fishing Championships.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Book, DVD and Website Update

Season's greetings everyone, hopefully you are more prepared than I for the upcoming holiday season!

I have received lots of positive response regarding my new book Stillwater Selections.  The good news is the book has finally arrived and is just clearing customs.  Like you, I am anxious for the book to be available.  The moment I am aware that the book is available I will be contacting all of the members on my website directly.

In regards to my new DVD we are nearly complete.  We are in the process of having one final look and if there are no changes it will be off for duplication.  Look for the DVD to be available in early to mid January of 2010.  It will be packed with lots of valuable information, on both flies and presentation tactics.

I have also placed the first in a series of Featured Products on my website starting with Rio's Outbound® hover line.  When it comes to using sinking lines from an anchored boat I have a definite preference for slow sinking lines.  Slow sinking lines permit the slow methodical retrieves so often necessary when fly fishing lakes.  Fast sinking lines often overpower the presentation resulting in fouled flies, frustration and ultimately fewer fish.  Rio's integrated Outbound® series features a heavier than AFTMA standards 37.5 head that enable you to cast to the horizon.  Outbound®  lines are also available in other densities as well.  I have also added the clear intermediate and type III full sink versions to my kit bag.  Along with the hover these are great stillwater lines!

For more information please visit my What's New page or drop by Rio's website.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stillwater Selections Update

Response to the impending release of my latest book, Stillwater Selections has been fantastic.  Thanks to those of you who have contacted me regarding the book.  Your interest, enthusiasm and support is appreciated.

We had hoped to have the books in our hands by December 10th but there has been a shipping delay and we don't expect to see the books until roughly a week later.  The shipment then has to clear customs.  We hope to have books available in time for Christmas but it is tough to make any promises as this time.

A few of you have dropped by my Shop and purchased some of my books, DVD's and Quick Release indicators.  There is still time to purchase before Christmas for the stillwater fly fisher on your list or perhaps you would like to treat yourself!

I have also been filing in the step by step instructions and tying images in the Flies section of my site.  Some of the original patterns needed to be upgraded with tying instructions and images.  This week I added images and text to one of my favorite chironomid larva patterns, the Frostbite Bloodworm.  The Frostbite Bloodworm is a simple fly that works well during the summer months when trout move deep to avoid the heat and the light as well as early morning prior to the day's hatch activities getting going.  Believe it or not my Frostbite Bloodworm is also a great searching fly when first starting out or visiting a new lake for the first time.  Bloodworms are a stillwater staple and foraging trout seldom pass them up.  Mud or marl flats are excellent places to explore using bloodworm patterns.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fly Craft Angling On Line Store Now Up and Running!

Season's greetings everyone.  Just in time for the holiday season my new on line store is now up and running.

I am now offering autographed copies of my books, DVD's and my unique Quick Release Indicators.  If you are looking for copies Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, Stillwater Solutions Recipes-Volume 1or my DVD's Tying Fly Patterns for Stillwaters or Tying and Fishing Stillwater Flies look no further!

I now offer a variety of sizes and colors within my Quick Release Indicator selection that are not available elsewhere.  This includes a new Jumbo sized Tapered or Ball indicator.  Perfect for windy choppy conditions or those of you who like your indicators large!

For more details please visit the store through my website.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stillwater Selections

Now that I have a copy in my hand and based upon the calls and emails I have been receiving I thought it was time to let you know about the anticipated release of my latest book, Stillwater SelectionsStillwater Selections is a collection of 55 proven stillwater patterns covering a wide away of food sources from chironomids to water boatman and backswimmers.  As with my first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, Stillwater Selections features a number of unique and innovative patterns contributed by other stillwater fly tyers. Each fly pattern includes fly tying instructions, presentation techniques and of course full color step-by-step images.  The book also includes my favorite stillwater knots, seasonal availability,presentation information, hatch chart and close up images of all food sources are also included.

This spiral bound, approximately 10" x 7" book, is a perfect fit for the tying table. Barring any shipping or importation delays should be available in time for Christmas.  We anticipate its arrival on or around December 10, 2009.

Stillwater Selections will be available exclusively through BC Outdoors Sports Fishing magazine.   To pre-order your copy in North America call 1-800-898-8811, overseas customers are asked to call 604-464-3186 between 8:30-4:30 Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Once the book has arrived safely copies may be purchased via the BC Outdoors website,   Copies will also be available for purchase at any of the trade shows BC Outdoors Sport Fishing magazine will be attending in 2010 such as the Fly Fishing Events Show in Calgary and the Fraser Valley Boat and Outdoors Show.   I will be speaking at both of these events so please stop by the BC Outdoors Sport Fishing booth and I will be happy to sign a copy for you!

As soon as Stillwater Selections is available for sale I will be emailing my website members as well as posting it here on my blog.

But wait there is more!  In early January 2010 I will also have a new fly tying and fishing DVD available

This past fall good friend Brian Chan and I worked once again with BC Outdoors Sports Fishing Magazine to film an instructional DVD featuring 12 of our favorite patterns along with specific on the water segments on how we fish them.  Produced in HD format this DVD will be a perfect Stillwater Selections companion as my six patterns come straight from the book!

As with Stillwater Selections, BC Outdoors Sports Fishing magazine will once again be exclusively distributing this DVD .

As with my new book I will be emailing all the members of my website and posting on my Blog when the DVD is available for purchase.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Website Feedback

Well it has been a week since I announced the launch of my new website.  I want to thank those of you who took the time to contact me regarding the changes and additions.  The positive response I received regarding the changes was overwhelming.  Most would agree, the old site needed a collective kick in the pants!

Thanks to those of you who spoke to me last night regarding the site changes at Trout Unlimited Canada and the Bow River Chapter's Fall Splash fund raising event.  It was a great event in support of cold water conservation.

A number of you hadn't visited my Members section in a while so there was a number of emails regarding User Name and Password questions. Please keep in mind, your User Name is the email address with which you first registered.  If you can't remember your Password be sure to select the 'Forgot Your Password?' hyper-text and it will be sent to you right away. If these options don't work please don't hesitate to contact me if you are having any sign on issues at

Once you log in your account information now appears allowing you to manage your account information such as email address changes.  You don't have to wait for me to respond, which believe me is a good thing!  To visit any Member pages simply select one of the Member pages from the navigation bar located on the left side of the web page.

The store page is currently under construction and we hope to have it up soon.  Also by next week I should have detailed information regarding the release of my next book, Stillwater Selections.  Stillwater Selections is a new fly tying book containing over 50 stillwater patterns complete with step by step tying instructions and images.  In addition to a number of my own patterns it includes patterns by other creative stillwater fly fishers such as Brian Chan. This book will be distributed through B.C. Outdoors Sports Fishing Magazine.  We hope to have it in Canada available for purchase by December 10th. 

In early January Brian Chan and I will also be releasing a joint fly tying and fly fishing DVD produced once again by B.C. Outdoors.  This DVD includes 12 patterns (6 of mine and 6 of Brian's) along with on the water presentation techniques for each fly.  Once again, when the DVD is available I will let you know.  Both through my Blog and the What's New section on my website.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Revised Fly Craft Angling Adventures Site Now Up and Running!

As promised, my revised website, is now up and running.  My site includes a number of improvements and a whole new slate of images.  For example, if you visit the Home page you will see at the bottom a listing of what changes have been recently made.  Right now I have provided my 2010 show and seminar schedule in my Calendar section as it currently stands.  I have also added a new pattern, the Furled Alevin, to my Fly Patterns page.

You will also notice that beginning in spring 2010, once all the snow and ice has left, I will be offering instructional guiding from my Edmonton area home.  Please visit my Guiding page for more information.

I am working on getting the Store page up and running soon as well, hopefully in a week or two at the latest.

So please take a minute or two and poke around the new site.  If you have any comments at all please don't hesitate to pass them along.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

For those of you have visited my website, you might recall that I used to send out a newsletter on a somewhat regular basis.  Admittedly, as most of you have pointed out, I have fallen off the communication wagon.  In recent years I have been wanting to find a medium to communicate on a more regular and timely basis.  With the introduction of my Blog the avenue is now here!

I will be posting on a regular basis to advise you on a variety of topics including upcoming announcements, new books DVD's, upcoming speaking engagements, hosted trips even a few favorite fly patterns.  If possible I will try to include a few supporting images as well.

So here is the first bit of news. Within two weeks, my revised Fly Craft Angling website will be up and running.  The revised site takes advantage of some new technology as well as an improved look to many of the pages.  The site will also include guiding and store pages. 

Here is a peek at the new home page. The new website will also feature a store complete with my books, DVD's and Quick Release Indicators.  All books and DVD's will be autographed and personalized if desired.  The store should be up and running a few weeks after the launch of my revised site.

After years of requests, I am pleased to announce that  beginning in the spring of 2010 I will be offering instructional stillwater guiding trips in the greater Edmonton area for trout, pike and walleye on the fly.  All trips will be in my full equipped motorized boat.  Access to quality equipment such as Rio fly lines and Islander Reels will also be part of your educational experience.