Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's Greetings

It’s hard to believe another year has almost past.  Man, as I get older the years fly by faster.

White and bright!
We have lots of cold weather and snow here in north central Alberta.  We will definitely have a white Christmas.  Right now it is -16C outside but the beautiful blue skies and sun lights everything up.  It’s weird having to wear sunglasses when I go out in sub-zero conditions.  Our dog sure seems to love it.  Ploughing through the snow is a favourite sport with her. 

No fishing for a while yet!
Tessa is now nearly a year old.  She is full of energy and loves to get into everything she can.  I am already looking forward to her joining in the boat with me next season.  Hopefully she stays in and doesn’t use it for a diving board like she did on her first trip out earlier this year.

2011 promises to be as busy as 2010, maybe even busier, no complaints though! I am just putting the finishing touches on my school and seminar schedule.  My travels will once again take me across North America.

Based upon your feedback and requests there will also be some new additions to my on-line store. As soon as things are concrete I will let everyone know.

Right now I am busy catching up on some writing assignments with a number of others pending.  I am looking forward to kicking back and relaxing between Christmas and New Year’s, watching Premier League Soccer and the World Junior hockey championships. 

I wish everyone who follows my Blog or through my Facebook page the very best over the holiday season.  Thanks once again for your emails, kind words of support and best of all your stories.

Best of the season!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Additions to Fly Craft Store!

As probably most of you are aware, this past year I updated my website.   It was time for some changes and a facelift.   Based upon the number of requests I had received for my books, DVD’s and Quick Release Indicators a component of this facelift included a Store page.  My Store page seems to be a positive addition as indicated by the positive feedback it has received.

Plans are in the works to add a variety of other products to this page so stay tuned.

The first step in my planned expansion is the addition of my latest book, Stillwater Selections and DVD, Learning with the Pros-Tying Stillwater Flies Volume I.  As with the book, Stillwater Solutions Recipes my latest DVD is a joint venture with good friend Brian Chan.  Both of these items are now available via my site both individually and as a combo.  The combo packages offer a savings of over 10% as compared to the individual prices of each item within the combo package.  You can watch a short ‘teaser’ of the Learning with the Pros DVD below.

I have also added combo packages for my first book Fly Patterns for Stillwaters and DVD Tying Fly Patterns for Stillwaters along with my second book Stillwater Solutions Recipes-Volume I and DVD Tying and Fishing Stillwater Flies.  Each DVD contains in part many of the patterns featured in each of the books they are partnered with.

Please visit my on line store for more information on both my new book and DVD along with my previous titles.