Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stillwater Selections Update

Response to the impending release of my latest book, Stillwater Selections has been fantastic.  Thanks to those of you who have contacted me regarding the book.  Your interest, enthusiasm and support is appreciated.

We had hoped to have the books in our hands by December 10th but there has been a shipping delay and we don't expect to see the books until roughly a week later.  The shipment then has to clear customs.  We hope to have books available in time for Christmas but it is tough to make any promises as this time.

A few of you have dropped by my Shop and purchased some of my books, DVD's and Quick Release indicators.  There is still time to purchase before Christmas for the stillwater fly fisher on your list or perhaps you would like to treat yourself!

I have also been filing in the step by step instructions and tying images in the Flies section of my site.  Some of the original patterns needed to be upgraded with tying instructions and images.  This week I added images and text to one of my favorite chironomid larva patterns, the Frostbite Bloodworm.  The Frostbite Bloodworm is a simple fly that works well during the summer months when trout move deep to avoid the heat and the light as well as early morning prior to the day's hatch activities getting going.  Believe it or not my Frostbite Bloodworm is also a great searching fly when first starting out or visiting a new lake for the first time.  Bloodworms are a stillwater staple and foraging trout seldom pass them up.  Mud or marl flats are excellent places to explore using bloodworm patterns.

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