Thursday, December 17, 2009

Book, DVD and Website Update

Season's greetings everyone, hopefully you are more prepared than I for the upcoming holiday season!

I have received lots of positive response regarding my new book Stillwater Selections.  The good news is the book has finally arrived and is just clearing customs.  Like you, I am anxious for the book to be available.  The moment I am aware that the book is available I will be contacting all of the members on my website directly.

In regards to my new DVD we are nearly complete.  We are in the process of having one final look and if there are no changes it will be off for duplication.  Look for the DVD to be available in early to mid January of 2010.  It will be packed with lots of valuable information, on both flies and presentation tactics.

I have also placed the first in a series of Featured Products on my website starting with Rio's Outbound® hover line.  When it comes to using sinking lines from an anchored boat I have a definite preference for slow sinking lines.  Slow sinking lines permit the slow methodical retrieves so often necessary when fly fishing lakes.  Fast sinking lines often overpower the presentation resulting in fouled flies, frustration and ultimately fewer fish.  Rio's integrated Outbound® series features a heavier than AFTMA standards 37.5 head that enable you to cast to the horizon.  Outbound®  lines are also available in other densities as well.  I have also added the clear intermediate and type III full sink versions to my kit bag.  Along with the hover these are great stillwater lines!

For more information please visit my What's New page or drop by Rio's website.

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