Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goodbye to a Trusted Companion

Well 2010 has thrown its first challenge my way.  Last weekend my family headed to Saskatoon for a soccer tourney.  Besides my passion for fly fishing I also have one for soccer and help coach my eldest son's rep team.  We placed our beloved golden retriever Bailey in the kennel as we have done in the past.  On Saturday afternoon we received the news that she had passed away suddenly from an apparent heart attack.  Although she was 10 years old her passing came as a complete shock and utter surprise.

At first we were somewhat stunned by the news but when we arrived home the reality of our loss set in.  It has been a challenging week.  Our house seems empty.  Those of you who have or have had a dog know they have a way of weaving themselves into the fabric of the family.  She was a fantastic companion and will be sorely missed.  The bow of my boat won't be the same without her.

On a brighter note, my show season getting into full swing.  Next weekend sees me in Calgary presenting at the 2010 Fly Fishing Events show.  I will be putting on two workshops one of which is a fly tying session featuring patterns from my latest book, Stillwater Selections.  All thought they are almost full I believe space is still available for both workshops.  For more information please visit the Fly Fishing Events website.  If you can't make a workshop please drop by the show if you are in the neighborhood there is still lots to see and do.  I will be providing a series of seminars and fly tying demonstrations.  copies of my new book and DVD will also be available for sale at the BC Outdoors Sports Fishing booth.


  1. So sorry to hear about Bailey, Phil. I always looked forward to seeing her when I came over to visit or when she joined us on the water. She was very friendly and affectionate. Just a beautiful dog that I'm sure meant the world to your whole family.

  2. Sorry for the loss of your companion Phil. A dog asks only the very least we can give it, yet it will give its' life freely to protect you, who can say they are as good a friend?
    On another note I am passing your website info to Steven Barry from Air Cadets, I am sure you will hear from him soon....Kerry

  3. Its a tough day to loose a trusted friend and family member. Karen and I love our hounds dearly. We know how important they are to our home. I am sure Bailey was just like that.

    Bob and Karen