Friday, July 3, 2015

Conquering Chironomids Volume II-Advanced Techniques is Now Available!

Building on the concepts detailed in Conquering Chironomids Volume I-Strike Indicator Techniques, Conquering Chironomids Volume II is intended to take your mastery of chironomids to the next level.

In Volume I-Strike Indicator Techniques Brian and I introduced you to chironomids, unquestionably, one of the most if not the most significant trout food sources found in lakes or stillwaters worldwide.  Chironomids possess all of the qualities to make them a favorite prey item. There is a huge diversity of species available in lakes right across North America and the world for that matter.  Hatching in large numbers chironomids provide significant daily and seasonal emergences.  Chironomids are also available throughout their larval, pupal and adult life stages. Best of all, fish find chironomids easy to eat and as they are rich in calories a healthy chironomid diet helps stillwater trout pack on the pounds.  Even the largest fish in the lake gorge themselves on chironomids.  In order to successfully fly fish stillwaters you need to come to terms with understanding and using a variety of techniques to take advantage of this hatch.

Brian and I couldn't have completed with the support of our key sponsors; RIO, Mystic Fly Rods, Montana Fly Company, Islander Reels, Outcast Sporting Gear, Minn Kota, Humminbird, The Russell Inn, River City Marine and Yamaha.
In Volume II-Advanced Techniques, Brian and I invite you to continue your educational journey as we reveal our advanced chironomid tactics, tricks and presentation techniques.  Over the DVD’s 107 minute running time Brian and I introduce you to advanced methods such as deep water indicator tactics using no-stretch leaders, floating line long leader techniques, sinking line tactics using both slow and fast sinking lines, dry fly and emerger strategies and integrating droppers into your presentation.  Brian and I show you not only how to use these techniques but when to use them too.

Whenever possible drone footage was used to support and illustrate the DVD concepts.
The special features section includes additional information including a selection of our favorite recipes and images of Phil and Brian’s favorite larva, pupa, emerger and adult patterns, how to maintain your Islander Reel, how to use and incorporate Humminbird sounders into your stillwater presentations along with informational segments on Mystic’s M-Series rods and Outcast's new Stealth Pro Pontoon Boat.

Additional filming was required during the heat of summer.  Sun protection was a must!
To order your copy  pick up Volume I or other stillwater specific products please visit mine and Brian’s on-line Stillwater Fly Fishing Store.

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