Saturday, March 30, 2013

Phil Goes Video!

As you can probably tell by my last post regarding mine and Brian's Chan's new partnership with Montana Fly Company the past few months have been busy to say the least.

In addition to closing our relationship with the Stillwater Solutions program I have been kept in motion by speaking engagements, seminars and schools.  My recent travels have taken me to Bend Oregon, Lynnwood Washington, Pleasanton California, Abottsford B.C. and most recently Phoenix, Arizona for a week long trip with my family. 

In between dates on my busy schedule I have also begun work on the first of a series of instructional fly tying videos on my You Tube channel.  My goal with these videos is to provide a selection of my favorite patterns that feature specific tying techniques along with a little chatter on how I like to fish them.  I have long been a fan of You Tube for my own education and tying.

Many of the patterns I will be featuring will come from what I already have listed in the Fly Tying section of my website.  Many of these patterns can also be purchased through mine and Brian's Stillwater Fly Fishing Store.

So far you can see tying videos for my Bullet Proof Prince, Holo Worm and Strip Tease Damsel.  If you notice down the right margin of my blog page links to these patterns along with Facebook, Twitter and You Tube channel can also be found.

Although the videos will have a definite stillwater slant, I plan on featuring other patterns. Including salt water and rivers and stream patterns.

If you have seen or heard of a pattern of mine that you would like me to feature please send me an email and I will make every effort to add it to my list and then up onto my You Tube Channel.

I hope you enjoy what you see and find the videos helpful to your tying and pattern designs.  I look forward to your feedback and comments.


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