Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

January continues to fly by.  This past weekend found me at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo.  What a great show.  Show Coordinator Eric Moncada and his team from the Boise Valley Fly Fishers are to be applauded for a job well done.  They were fantastic hosts. I am looking forward to returning in 2013.

Yes I now have to wear glasses when I tie!-Photo Courtesy of Erik Moncada

While at the expo I provided some of my more popular presentations including 10 Habits for Stillwater Success, Approaching a New Lake and My Favorite Western Canadian Stillwaters.  I even ventured up onto the casting pool and provided a Stillwater Presentation seminar with a particular focus on floating line techniques and retrieves.

10 Habits for Stillwater Success-Photo Courtesy of Eric Moncada

All of my seminars were well attended and I enjoyed talking to so many people.  Just about everyone I spoke to have an enthusiasm for stillwaters.  I also provided an hour and half fly tying session tying some of my favorite stillwater patterns featured in my books and DVD’s.  My Clearwater Pupa proved popular.  I really enjoy tying these realistic epoxy style chironomid pupa patterns that are so popular in Europe and England in particular.  I also featured my version of the Black and Red Ice Cream Cone, Herl May, Pearly Damsel and Foam Creeper from my latest book, Stillwater Selections.  This pattern is also featured on the Learning with the Pros-Stillwater Fly Tying Volume #1 DVD.

Foam Creeper

Hook:          Mustad C49S #6-#8
Thread:        6/0, Olive
Body:          Furry Foam Body, Tan/Olive
Wingcase:    Stillwater Solutions ¼”Midge Flex, Olive
Legs:           Stillwater Solutions Midge Stretch Floss, Olive or Light Olive
Thorax:       Stillwater Solutions Soft Blend Dubbing, Olive or Dark Olive Green
Head:         3MM Tan sheet foam, use permanent marker to create eyes and mottle as necessary to match natural nymphs

Tying Note:  You can make your own foam bodies by gluing Furry Foam to 3MM sheet foam using 3M's Super 77 adhesive.  Use a River Road Creations Cherobyl foam cutter (tapered) to cut our the body.

I had hoped to spend some time on the water with my good friend Pete Erickson but unfortunately temperatures were below zero.  The brisk wind further compounded things.  We opted for football and catching up.

Jeff Currier (Left) and Pete Erickson (Right) enjoying a relaxing dring and great Mexican food

For those of you who don’t know Pete is an excellent fly fisher with a particular talent for Euro Nymphing.  Each time I come to Boise I enjoy getting on the water with Pete and honing my contact nymphing skills.  Pete provided his always popular Contact Nymphing presentation.  The theatre was packed, standing room only.  If you haven’t tried this nymphing method I strongly recommend it.  Once mastered the results are nothing short of incredible.

I was first introduced to the method in Durango, Colorado when I was providing stillwater instruction to the U.S. Fly Fishing team.  I watched a good indicator fly fisher work his way through a run taking a half dozen fish in the process, pretty good results in my opinion.  My opinion was shattered when another teammate went through the run behind him using the Polish nymphing technique.  I can’t recall the exact number but it was almost triple that of the indicator angler.  I knew right there I had to learn the method.  The original nymphing techniques that Vladi Tzebunia stunned the world with at the 1989 World Fly Fishing Championships have evolved into the one of the most popular nymphing methods today.  It was also at this event where I first met Pete.  In addition to his Euro Nymphing skills Pete has a particular appetite for stillwaters.  Loch style techniques in particular.  I can’t imagine why we became friends?

I am already looking forward to returning to the Boise area again this year for some focused chironomid seminars including hands on leader and tying sessions.   You will also have a chance to spend time with Pete to learn more about his Contact Nymphing methods.  Class size will be small to provide maximum learning and interaction.  Pete and I are working out the details and we hope to be making an announcement shortly. If you are interested in attending one of these sessions please let me know.  We are also hoping to add a few other session subjects too with other presenters.

I am busy preparing for the Northern Lights Fly Tyers Trout Unlimited Edmonton seminar this weekend in my home town of Edmonton at the downtown campus of Grant McKewan University.  Jack Dennis will be my partner in crime for this fun educational event.  If you are in the Edmonton area and are looking to escape winters icy grip why not drop in and check things out. Tickets, at $65.00 for two days and $40.00 for single days, are on sale at club meetings or via e-mail. Tickets should also be available at the door.

After my weekend seminar I am off a few days later for the Somerset Fly Fishing Show.  I will be there manning one of The New Fly Fisher booths answering questions, both about our show and the great destinations we get to visit.  Hopefully some of you will be able to drop by.

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  1. Phil, it was good having you at the show! We have had people very excited about your flies. We just made an order of your books and I am looking forward to seeing them.