Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Press!

They say any publicity is good publicity.  Thankfully some recent publicity has all been good, both on a national and regional scale. 

As most of you are probably aware, a number of years ago Brian Chan and I partnered with Superfly International, a Canadian based  fly tying and equipment distributor, to create the Stillwater Solutions line of tying materials and flies.  In the Summer issue of Fly Tyer magazine you can find an article by Jay Jacobs on the Stillwater Solutions product line.  Jay interviewed Brian and me on a number of topics including the product line, how it came to be and our thoughts on stillwater fly design.  If you can't get on the water perhaps picking up this issue might lessen the pain.  This issue as with others contains a number of excellent fly tying articles. 

When I was down speaking at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show in February I was overwhelmed by the response.  The crowd was interested and enthusiastic about stillwater fly fishing and the particular topics I presented.  After one of my shows a gentleman by the name of Bill Forward approached me and asked if I would be interested in providing an interview for his regional magazine the Sierra Fisherman.  Bill has fly fished California for over 35 years and is a former biology instructor. In addition to his editorial duties with the magazine he also provides guiding and instruction through his guide company, Forward Bound.

The interview contained in the summer issue is entitled the Wisdom of the Cast consisted of my answering a series of specific questions regarding stillwater fly fishing.  If you have access to this free publication hopefully you had a chance to catch the article, if not if you can find the article here.

The Sierra Fisherman is a neat regional publication serving the Sierra region of California.  Regional magazines such as this offer unique tips and techniques along with a number of fly patterns.  If you ever travel make a point of searching out these local magazines as the information they contain often has a far greater reach than their geographic region. 

On a final note I will be down in California this fall and will be providing a stillwater seminar  in Graeagle, CA, October 15, coupled with a lakeside program on the 16th (Lake Davis). I am looking forward to sampling some of the excellent stillwater fly fishing opporutnities Lake Davis has to offer.  Enrollment is limited and discounts on lodging are available. For more information or to register please contact Forward Bound at (530) 836-0206 for more information.

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