Friday, April 2, 2010

New Arrival

Happy Easter, the past week was a busy one.  So much so that I did not have the time to announce the latest arrival to our family.  Those of you following my blog on a regular basis know that roughly a week after Christmas we lost our beloved golden retriever Bailey to an apparent heart attack.  The loss was tough to take and the house was empty without her nearby.   It wasn't long before the family was on the hunt for a new companion.

Well I am happy to report that Tessa joined our family roughly 2 weeks ago.  Tessa is a purebred golden and has the typical relaxed easy to get along with personality the breed is famous for. I am looking forward to having her by my side when I head out on the water.  My wife Patsy and I are working to get her trained.  After 10 years with Bailey I kind of took for granted the house training component of raising a dog.  We are making progress and Tessa is starting to realize what going outside means in addition to running through leaves and mangling small sticks!

In other news I just finished a weekend seminar at Robinson's Sporting Goods in Victoria.  The event was a success and roughly 40 people attended.  On day one I provided a series of stillwater strategies and tactics seminars covering how to find trout in stillwaters, advanced chironomid techniques, sinking line techniques and 10 habits for stillwater sucess.  Sunday was devoted to fly tying as I presented my one day Fly Patterns for Stillwaters seminar.  Students were introdcued to my fly tying and design philosophies for lakes and were taken on a tying journey through all the major food sources.  Throughout the the two days I also provided a number of prizes depending on the answers to some skill testing questions.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with everyone.  Thanks to all who took part in the seminar.

If you know of a store or a club who would enjoy a similar seminar please let me know.  I still have some fall dates available.  Just contact me directly at and we can work on setting things up.

Finally, if any of you are interested in joining me at Fortress Lake I would suggest contacting Dave or Amelia at Fortress Lake Retreat as soon as possible as there are only a few spaces left.  This should be a spectacular trip blending world class stillwater fly fishing with trophy brook trout.  If Mother Nature cooperates we should have some fun using chironomid patterns to fool some of the brutes Fortress Lake is famous for.

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  1. Tessa is a great looking hound Phil! Karen and I love to have our Elkhounds along on our fishing adventures. I hope she gives you as much pleasure as Bailey did.

    To your readers: I would highly recommend the Fortress Lake trip. I have been very fortunate (thanks to Dave and Amelia) to spend time working at Fortress Lake. The fishing at the time of year you are going can be absolutely spectacular. Learning a variety of fishing techniques at your seminar ( I have attended several) and then hitting this trophy lake to put into practice what was learned would be incredible. Hands on learning is a great way to go.