Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Great Seminar

I just returned from Boise Idaho where I participated with Jack Dennis, Jeff Currier and Pete Erickson putting on the Traveling Fly Fishing Road Show.  Although the attendance was less than we expected we still had a great time.  Participants were exposed to a wealth of information including Euro nymphing, stillwater tactics and techniques, warm water, casting and knot tying.  I even slid in a little fly tying.

Feedback we received from those who attended was extremely positive.  Jeff, Pete and I are already planning bigger and better seminars for 2011.  This was the first time we had worked together and it clicked!  I will be seeing Jeff again in a few weeks as we will both be at The Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton California.

Jeff Currier at work.  Check out Jeff's website, especially his artwork.

Jeff provided seminars on saltwater fly fishing, warm water fly fishing and entertained everyone with his travel show about his recent experiences traveling across Africa. If you ever have a chance to see one of Jeff''s presentations do it.  His experience and knowledge is vast and his images are fantastic.  Check out my Favorite Links to visit Jeff's Blog or main website.  His artwork is stunning.

Pete Erickson demonstrates a few of his favorite knots

Pete and Jeff provided a comprehensive Euro nymphing seminar.  For those who haven't tried this deadly method you should.  Born from the world fly fishing championships this method out produces typical strike indicators tactics in use today.  I recommend you pick up a copy of Jack Dennis's Euro Nymphing 2-disc DVD set.  Pete and Jeff have participated successfully at the world championship level and they are included in this DVD along with the dean of Polish Nymphing, Vladi Trezebunia.  I recommend you pick up a copy of this DVD from Jack website.

 Pete was also kind enough to get me out on the water as we visited the nearby Owayhee River.  A unique stretch of water located just across the state line in nearby Oregon.  Pete and I had hoped to Euro nymph the river but the low cool flows had the fish sipping tiny midge pupa and adults in the surface film in slow moving pools.  Tossing size 22 Palomino Midges attached to 6X tippet was the order of the day.  We broke off more than we landed.  Pete managed to land a few of his fish including a magnificent 20 plus inch brown.  I shook hands with a large brown that shook his head twice before I bust him off.  I christened them NBA fish as they weren't impressed with us much as if telling us to, "Get that weak ass stuff out of here!"

Pete's skill and expertise on moving water is unbelievable.  It was a great experience for me.  Plus we had far to much fun bantering back and forth as the predominantly brown trout population shunned most of our presentations.  The Owayhee is a river I must return to!


  1. I found a topographic map of our local reservoir in a federal 1992 sedimentation report online and went out yesterday to take pictures of the reservoir when it is only one-fourth full. I learned while taking pictures that the channel is not where I had always thought it to be. Thanks for the tips I learned from your stillwater presentation.

  2. Phil, The Owyhee River is one of my most favorite places to fish. There is one large brown that lives by a large submerged boulder, just where the water starts to flow into a fairly large pond. I've had him on 4 - 5 times this past fall. He is more than my limited skill can handle. My partner and I have guestamted him to be at least 25" or more.
    Next year when you a here I'll tell you how to find him.
    Bob Barton, Nampa, Idaho